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Caveja Trek - a collaboration dedicated to hiking is born

A unique service, this new collaboration of our structure with the CAVEJA TREK.

Walks and excursions can be organized upon request to discover breathtaking views and unexpected glimpses of our beautiful Romagna.

The goal of Caveja Trek is to make known the first territory facing the Adriatic Sea through the journey: the hills of Romagna. Those gentle sinuous hills hide elements of rare beauty, rich in history, nature and traditions that can be reached in a few minutes from home.

Valli del Rubicone, Val Marecchia, Lower Valle del Savio three valleys that have peculiarities and unique views. In addition to these territories, excursions will also be offered throughout Romagna, because the intent is also to make the mountain environment known and protected at 360°.

We offer half-day and full-day excursions, multi-day treks and food and wine walks.

Marco Ceccaroni, born in 1988 and registered with the Italian Alpine Club since 2005. He has been involved in the world of hiking since he was a child and as he grew up he made the mountains his passion. After 5 years in the Dolomites he returned to Romagna to enhance his territory, to rediscover the most beautiful places, hills, secrets and routes in the region.

The last sunset trek with half night was in the hills of Roncofreddo. With this walk we have seen the numerous wounds inflicted on our beloved necks, a blow to the heart.We were unable to see the sunset due to clouds but we saw the sky light up from lightning, a flood of fireflies and a beautiful slow worm.

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