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We do not know if it is "normal" to have obtained over 70 reviews in a few months, all super positive among Google< /u> and Booking< /a>...

We don't know whether to have 5 stars pretty much anywhere it's one thing we need to start freaking out about...

We don't even know whether to be first in practically every ranking that concerns the accommodation in Longiano (both by looking at the stars, and the reviews, or the top booking evaluations) is really all thanks to us or to fate, the place, the professionals who follow us, photos, the heated swimming pool, the 400-litre jacuzzi...

In short, we don't know a lot of things, but we do know that we are really flattered by so much affection and we will always try to give more of our best.

We really want to thank all the fantastic guests who have left us reviews in recent months, thank everyone who has been there and supported and sponsored us!!! :) We are pleased and honored that our structure and our ways have been so appreciated. We will ALWAYS try to give more, ALWAYS seeking the best in everything, to ALWAYS live up to the fantastic things you have written!

We look forward to seeing you at our home.

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