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The new heated swimming pool filled with salt water of the Villa Paola Resort has opened

Forget the seasons with the heated swimming pool of the Villa Paola Resort, a perfect solution for those who want to relax at 360 degrees and enjoy a swim surrounded by greenery 365 days a year

Why a salt water pool?

To maintain the hygiene of the water of the swimming pool, chlorine is traditionally used, which is known to all for its antibacterial properties with a broad spectrum of action. But chlorine is a chemical product that must therefore be handled and stored with caution and can cause unpleasant reactions in sensitive people, ranging from irritation to nausea. These effects are particularly unwelcome when there is a strong smell of chlorine in the pool, paradoxically due to a lack of chlorine in the pool water and not to an overdose as one might naturally think.

To overcome these drawbacks and maintain disinfected and safe water for bathing, there are several alternative treatments, including the use of salt

When you get out of the pool treated with salt water, the skin feels smoother and relaxed and without the smell of chlorine. In addition, the salt water pool maintains some benefits typical of sea water< span style="color: #333333;"> such as, for example, the antiseptic effect that eliminates pathogens from the skin, as well as offering better buoyancy when diving in the pool.

A heated swimming pool?

For all possible relaxation, the temperature of the pool water is electronically controlled in order to make the temperature perfect. Sun, sunbeds and a breathtaking view, surrounded by greenery and with all the privacy of a luxury structure. The ideal setting for your perfect holiday.

We are waiting for you at Longiano - Resort Villa Paola

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